There is a lot of information here! I encourage all mothers whether using my services or not to explore these links and let them lead you to more questions, seeking even further information…   “If you don’t know your options, then you don’t have any.”


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Natural Induction Methods – I include this link because so many women ask about natural induction methods. Induction is induction whether natural or medical.  Do not use any of these without the OK of your care provider and the knowledge that if you force labor on a body and baby that aren’t ready, it may lead to complications and interventions.  After you read this list – read this too. I would recommend concentrating more on talking to your provider about waiting until the 42 week point to talk about any sort of induction – this article goes over the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines.

VBAC Facts

ICAN – International Cesarean Awareness Network – Find your local chapter!

VBAC Reading List

13 Myths About VBAC




Essential oils

Pain Relief Methods

Postpartum/Newborn Care:

Attachment Theory


Meal Train