My Philosophy

I believe birth to be a profound and transformative experience that stays with us for the rest of our lives.  My goal as a doula is to have you feel supported and well prepared on this journey.  I am passionate about supporting women and families while providing access to information so they may come away from this experience feeling they were respected and listened to, no matter what decisions are made along the way.

Birth doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. It is a physiological event that our bodies already have the blueprints to.

Is birth hard? Yes. It is normal to be fearful of birth, and the unknown.  My hope is that you and your partner will find in me the reassurance that your fears are valid, a trusting relationship in which you can feel supported, and access to information that you are doing the best for yourself and your baby.  Is parenting hard? Yes. But, this is the place where transformation happens.  I consider it an honor to witness this journey through the lens of each different client.