Beyond a Doula: Birth of Your Community


In many states in this country, it is illegal to sell puppies before they are 8 weeks old, yet women are expected to leave their newborn babies at 6 weeks to return to work.  This fact coupled with the over consumption of advice from internet articles, blogs, books, well meaning friends and more has left many new (and expecting) parents overwhelmed and unsure of themselves.  For various reasons the sense of community, inner knowledge and self trust are now lost for many. I am making it my mission to create and celebrate a vibrant community in which I can engage, feel rewarded and at the same time hope to help others feel supported in feeding their souls.

After writing several half finished blogs that will probably never be posted, the focus of mine came to me – COMMUNITY.   I love birth, postpartum, horticulture, agriculture, unschooling and more, yet have not been entirely sure how to incorporate all of the things in to one thing.  There is an idea in my head of how this might all play out, though I’m prepared to go with the flow…and hope you will join me on the journey.  Building a foundation of like minded people can allow for open sharing of ideas, mentorship, and emotional support.  In sharing with you my greatest desire for a fulfilling community, perhaps I will manifest precisely what it is that I have been dreaming of.

My vision for this dream includes supporting other women in their businesses, and connecting families to resources that are of value to them.  What some would refer to as a bit of “woo” in the form of rituals that celebrate the changing seasons and the cycle of the moon will also be incorporated.  For me this vision also includes big bonfires and open spaces, because that is where I feel most comfortable. If you are more comfortable in the living room of your apartment in a high rise, please do adapt however seems the best for you.  Sharing this quest is meant to motivate myself and anyone else who feels excited about building a community around themselves.  It is not necessary for you to replicate exactly as your interests are likely different.  For now, buckle up and enjoy the ride with me! Or grab a cup of tea, because it probably won’t be that wild and you probably already guessed that I’m a tea drinker.